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Sensory Scent Marketing

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

We all have five senses: touch, sight, taste, hearing, and smell. When a guest visits a casino or resort, these senses can be overwhelmed by all the excitement, activity, and luxury surrounding him or her. You want to give your guests a memorable experience, and a great way to do that is by harnessing the senses. With so much to see, touch, hear, and taste in a casino environment, it can be challenging to maintain a guest’s attention. But there is one sense that is easy to inundate for all your guests, maybe even without them realizing what is happening: smell. (more…)

Subtle Scent Marketing for Casinos & Emotional Connection

Friday, April 19th, 2013

When you think about winning the jackpot, what do you see and feel in your mind? Most of us probably imagine happiness and joy, the worry-free sensation of solving our problems with a delightful and unexpected windfall. The more you can hone in on the senses guests are likely to imagine, the more likely you will be to help them pursue those winnings at your gaming establishment. This is known as sensory marketing, and it is has been proven effective because of its psychological component. (more…)

Healing Scents

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Help patients and clients to help themselves simply by filling your reception area, exam rooms and offices with soft scents that can help bring about tranquility and peace. The custom fragrance development services offered by Clearly Better Scents are sure to make patients feel at ease when coming in for an appointment.

 Just as stress can have a negative impact on overall health, so can being in a relaxed, meditative state aid the body’s natural healing process. Eliminate the need for in-house spray bottles, clunky plug-ins and fans and switch to Clearly Better Scents’ custom fabricated diffusers.  

 Let the healing begin with the help of the supreme scent savants at Clearly Better Scents.

Scent of Love

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Hotels, resorts and spas are the ideal spot for romantic getaways. Couples looking to revitalize their romance or celebrate their marriage travel far and wide to find the perfect destination. Now there can be an indelible memory of their stay with a signature scent.

Clearly Better Scents can help set the mood in special honeymoon and lovers’ suites with special scent diffusion technology. Combine aromatherapy with special aphrodisiac scents to ignite the sparks of romance. Guests can also purchase your signature scent as a reminder of their stay.

The mood masters at Clearly Better Scents can create any atmosphere you desire, romantic, tropical, fresh or elegant. Allow them to show you the power of scent stimulation.

Scents Make the Brand

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

A customer’s nose knows, and one innovative way to get their nose to a business is with scent marketing. Branding with scents works for many different businesses, from the food establishment that hopes to bring customers in with a scented advertisement to the spa that wants to create a relaxing atmosphere for clients.

Multi sensory branding embeds a memory of the business in a client’s mind, which is what makes it so useful. When a customer smells a particular baked good, they recall the time they went to a bakery and think about wanting to do it again. Using a specific scent in a spa or hotel brings back memories to customers every time they walk in the door. The repeat business gained from scent marketing should be enough for a company to decide that it is a worthwhile use of time and money. For information on how to brand your scent, visit