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Drains and Floors to Delight

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Restaurants can be quite dynamic. The front of the house can be the perfect portrait of calm and control while the kitchen is an absolute madhouse, a flurry of activity, bustling bodies and a din of shouts. With so much foot traffic, the floors and drains swiftly require a simple and safe daily maintenance routine.

Clearly Better Solutions ( has developed a line of floor and drain maintenance products that are environmentally friendly, affordable and effective. The Smart Drain and Smart Floor cleaning products work in conjunction to give you a sparkling floor, sanitary drains and sweet smelling air.

Enjoy the clamor of the kitchen without the worry of floor or drain maintenance left in the wake of a busy night. Clearly Better Solutions wants to help keep your drains and floors clean so you can concentrate on service and creative cooking!