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Top Ways Scents Influence Your Clients

As an ad agency, you have worked for years to create a reputation as the one who can get and keep customer attention for your clients. If something seems to be missing in spite of your skills, it may be scents. Consider these three ways that scents may subconsciously impact your clients’ customers through multi sensory branding.
Create a Strong Brand
When customers walk into a store and smell a scent, they associate that scent with that company. Branding with scents can help solidify the brand in that customer’s mind. When they smell a similar scent elsewhere, they will think of that company.
Ease Stress
Some scents, such as lavender and vanilla, have been clinically proven to reduce stress. If you work with clients who sometimes have stressed customers, like dentists or bankruptcy attorneys, these scents can help the customers feel more relaxed and comfortable at the business.
Encourage More Purchases
Scents that make the product’s aroma stand out will encourage more purchases. For instance, a vending machine with a chocolate scented strip placed on the outside will sell more candy bars. Scent marketing, when properly applied to a product, can make your sales increase.
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